How To Nicely Say No To A Second Date

avoiding-second-dateIt’s not just guys. Women, also get into some sticky dating situations. You’ve probably been in these sticky situations as well. There are times when you’re just not interested. These are the times when you just have to say no. These are the times when a second date isn’t an option.

But how can you say no without offending your date? After all, you wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings. He did show up for the date. And yes, he showed up on time. To top it all, he was very nice. Unfortunately, there was nothing there. There was no spark. There was no magic. So why bother going on a second date?

The hardest part is saying no to a second date. How can you say no without looking like some callous b-tch?

Look Straight Into His Eyes

The moment has come. He wants to see you again. You know you don’t want to. You know you have to say no. So how do you say no?

I think this is the best way to say no. Start by looking straight into his eyes. Then tell him the truth. Never avoid his eyes. Look right into them. Your message will be loud and clear. Don’t get feel sorry for him. You wouldn’t want to date someone out of pity, would you?

So look straight into his eyes and say no. You really don’t have to give a lot of excuses. Just say no if asks you out again. He might even thank you for it. Sure, he might feel bad in the beginning. But he’ll eventually be grateful. After all, you spared him. He doesn’t have to go through all the trouble. So look straight into his eyes and be honest. You can both move on right away.

Sincerely Say Sorry

Say sorry and mean it. Okay. So it’s not your fault. After all, you can’t blame yourself for not liking him. That happens. You also can’t force yourself to like him, right? But it really wouldn’t hurt to say sorry and mean it.

There’s no guarantee if your date will feel better. Most probably, he won’t. But if he sees you’re sincerely sorry, he won’t push it. He might even appreciate it. You’ve to keep in mind that it’s just a date. The truth is, you won’t break his date’s heart. To start with, he hardly knows you. Sure him he’ll feel bad. But you definitely won’t break his heart. So just say sorry , mean it, and move on. It might not even be a big deal for him.

Be Consistent

Once you say no, it’s a no. Don’t confuse him. Be consistent. This means you can’t call him anymore. That’s the reason why you need to be sure. Before you say no, make sure of your feelings. Because once you say no, it’s a no.

But it’s a different story if he still calls you. Given that scenario, you can change your mind. That is, if you want to. But the minute you say no, it’s definitely a no.

Everybody wants to get on a second date. That’s why the first date is crucial. After all, the first date is the entry point. And that’s why everybody works hard on it. But there will be times when you’re just not interested. You can’t like every guy you date. There’ll be one or two guys that won’t interest you. That’s all part of the dating game.

So you’ll definitely find yourself in such sticky situations. And if you do, it’s okay to say no. Don’t feel bad. You just need to be sure of your feelings. But most importantly, you need to say no nicely.


Some Hot Pick Up Tricks

picking-up-hot-womenThere seems to be a lot of talk about The Tao Of Badass. Both men and women are actually taking this particular dating guide seriously. The men are studying and practicing the the tricks while the women are using it as a leverage to understand men. It really does seem like The Tao Of Badass has gotten everybody’s attention.

What The Men Are Talking About

So much has been said about The Tao Of Badass. According to, the bottomline is that men just want to know about the pick up trick in this particular dating guide. It has worked wonders for the guys that have practiced it. At the same time, it has sparked the curiosity of other guys that have not yet gotten into the badass way of dealing with women. There is no doubt that men are really talking about the pick up trick from The Tao Of Badass.

The Badass Way Of Picking Up Women

The badass way of picking up women may seem simple but it takes a lot of practice. It’s not just a matter of saying a couple of lines but there are some banter lines that should be said at certain phases of meeting a woman. No matter how much the woman resists, the Tao Of Badass guides the guy on how to handle the situation.

No Turning Back

With the Tao Of Badass, there’s no turning back. If a guys wants to approach a woman in the bar, he should just go for it. Even if the woman shows no interest, whatsoever, there’s just no turning back for the guy. The Tao Of Badass dating ebook guides the guy in each phase of his encounter with the woman.

The Importance Of Body Language

The Tao Of Badass knows how important body language is. Guys will definitely learn how to use their unspoken words to get the attention of a woman. Here’s an example. If the guy has just started a conversation with a woman, it’s important that his whole body is not turned to the direction of the woman. While this particular body action may seem very simple, it carries a lot of weight on the initial impact of the encounter.

Getting The Woman’s Attention

The tricks and tips from the Tao Of Badass will literally get the attention of a woman. Even if hot wide hipped women show no interest at the start, the tips and tricks of The Tao Of Badass can get any woman’s attention.

Together with the use of body language, this particular dating guide provides some useful banter lines. These banter lines are perfect for guys that have a hard time filling up the air with something interesting to say. A good example of a banter line can go something like this: “You’re pretty hot! Can you help me pick up some chicks?”

So with the body language and the banter lines, there’s a good chance of getting the attention of the woman. But the thing about The Tao Of Badass is that it discourages the guy to show some enthusiasm towards the woman. A midst making that move, The Tao Of Badass recommends distance and a certain level of aloofness just to confuse the woman. This takes a lot of practice.

Does It Work?

Yes, this pick up trick works wonders. The logic behind it is that the guy shows a comfortable level of confidence with beautiful women. He isn’t sacred to turn away. He knows he can always go back. When a woman sees how comfortable a guy is in such a situation, she is immediately intrigued.

This is really just a tip of the iceberg from The Tao Of Badass. But if there’s one thing absolutely true about this particular dating guide is that it works. The pick up trick works!

A Few Weird Things Guys Find Sexy In Women

sexy-women-camouflaged-attractiveWe all wonder about it. What exactly do guys find sexy? Do they find our legs sexy? How about our boobs? How about our butt?

It’s really hard to tell. That’s why I spend time and money to look good. And mind you, I spend a lot. But I’ve just been enlightened by an article on this website. It lists some weird things that guys find sexy in us. It’s quite interesting.

Donning A Camo

Apparently, guys find it sexy when we wear a camo-designed clothing. Whether it’s a pair of pants or shirt, guys like it. It shows that we have something in common with them. Guys feel like they can go hunting with us. Here’s what I have to say about that. Are you kidding me?

Personally, I don’t own piece of clothing that’s camo inspired. Honestly, I don’t think I can pull it off.

Putting On Makeup

Yes, guys find it sexy when we put on makeup. They love seeing the transformation. They also appreciate our effort to look good. But if there’s one thing they find sexy, it’s this. They love it when we put on lipstick. They’re amazed every time we slide that lipstick across our lips. For them, that’s really sexy!

Manner Of Speaking

There are some guys that go way beyond the looks. They consider our manner of speaking. Our accent is one trait they can get attracted to.

This makes a lot of sense. You ever notice how some guys fall for French women? Sure, French women are hot. There’s no doubt about that. But their accent makes them so sexy. The same thing goes for women with Australian and British accent. It’s that foreign accent that makes them so hot!

But of course, it’s not just the foreign accent that’s sexy. There are guys that find the Southern accent sexy as well. The point is, guys find women’s accent sexy. So whatcha you think about that?


Here’s a good one. Guys find it sexy when we’re scared. It gives them the power to protect us. This explains why there are a lot of damsels in distress. Ever notice how damsels in distress always attract guys?

The Messy Look

I’ve heard this before. As a matter of fact, I can even confirm this. Some guys find the just-out-of-bed look sexy. Yes, they love the messy hair. They find that so sexy. That’s why there’s no need to worry about the next morning. There’s no need to get up ahead of him to retouch. Guys find the natural look very sexy.

There are other weird things that guys find sexy. They actually like it when we wear glasses. I guess they like the fact that they’re dating someone smart. Or at least, they’re dating someone that looks smart.

Here’s another strange thing. Guys find stretch marks sexy. For them, stretch marks stamp the love and dedication of the woman that carried their child. But that’s on the premise that the woman carried his child. But what if the woman didn’t carry his child? Would he still find her stretch marks sexy? We can’t really tell, can we?

We’ll never really know what goes on in a guy’s mind. If we did, we wouldn’t struggle to get their attention. I mean we spend so much time and effort to look good. We diet. We put on makeup. We make sure we look hot. We do all these so that they can find us sexy. But apparently, we don’t have to over do it.

It’s good to know this. Guys will appreciate us in our most natural and relaxed state. But nonetheless, we still have to look good. In my opinion, it’s that initial impact that matters most to guys. Only after that can they be more forgiving to our imperfections.